What happens during a PKP Kinesiology Session?

Step 1 Goal Setting

Every session starts with a goal - the key issue you want to address. This can relate to anything from physical comfort to emotional stability, spiritual growth, financial prosperity, athletic performance, social engagement, and more. Our sessions will be tailored to this goal, ensuring each one is unique and targeted.

You might, for example, wish to:

  • Strengthen your lower back for running
  • Cultivate a relaxed attitude around your boss
  • Find peace in decision-making
  • Gain clarity for your business direction
  • Foster a sense of lovability and desirability
  • Understand and express your emotions effectively
  • Determine your life's path
  • Remain calm during your children's tantrums
  • Be comfortable in large gatherings

Whatever the goal, the aim is to establish a goal that is desirable, realistic, but currently not fully believed in your subconscious. Through our work together, we'll delve into your subconscious, discover the root of this disbelief, and rewire it so your mind and body can fully align with your goal. The impact can be significant, and the transformation, rapid.

Step 2 The Balancing Process

PKP's unique approach to energy balancing leverages a time-tested, comprehensive protocol, developed by a medical doctor, setting it apart from other energy and muscle testing methodologies.

PKP is the only specialised/energy Kinesiology in the world to have a government recognised qualification, the NZQA accredited Level 7 Diploma in Kinesiology. Our repository of over 300 balancing techniques allows us to select the most suitable ones for your needs. Plus, we always address the emotional component linked to your issue.

The key to choosing the right technique? Muscle monitoring.

Step 3  Muscle Monitoring

Your body stores information beyond your conscious awareness, from the sensory inputs around you to subtler energies. Ever felt someone's energy without physical contact, or sensed someone staring at you? That's your body's innate wisdom at work.

Muscle Monitoring, also known as muscle testing, helps us tap into this wisdom. By applying gentle pressure to a muscle and introducing a minor stressor, we can observe changes in muscle response. This approach, refined over decades, allows us to explore the mind-body connection deeply. The muscle monitoring process is a crucial part of your PKP Balance session, guiding us to focus on what needs addressing right now. I'm here to help you listen to your body's inherent wisdom and healing ability.

Step 4  Balancing

Once we've identified the right balancing technique through muscle monitoring, we'll start the energy correction process. These techniques, drawn from diverse disciplines like Allopathy, Chiropractic, Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine, Talk Therapy, Hypnotherapy, and NLP, can often target issues rooted in your past. Clearing such energy blockages can provide significant relief from current problems.

You'll be in full control throughout the process. This is not about "fixing" you; it's about empowering you to listen to your body's wisdom and heal yourself. I aspire to make our sessions as efficient as possible, allowing you to lead your best life, rather than creating a cycle of dependency. Your wellness is my priority, and the best compliment would be your recommendation of my services to others.

Read how Kinesiology affected Brian's well-being.

Brian is certified in Touch for Health (Levels I-IV). And currently working towards his PKP Practitioner Certification at the US Kinesiology Institute.

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PKP Kinesiology can help with...
  • Recovery from deep emotional traumas (including abusive relationships, divorce, birth trauma, military-related experiences, car accidents)
  • Dealing with chronic illnesses or chronic pain
  • Increasing range of motion from past injuries (that old shoulder injury that keeps bugging you, etc.)
  • Resolution of family dynamic issues (triggers related to children, spouses, siblings, parents)
  • Breaking cycles of generational traumas
  • Performance optimization in sports or professional fields
  • Uncovering your true life path
  • Reconnecting to your instinctual abilities and intuition
  • Releasing old patterns that no longer serve you
  • Deep spiritual and emotional growth